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Die besten Anbieter und Tarife für Gespräche von Deutschland in die USA. Diese Marken machen es, starten mit 0,- und sind flächendeckend.

You are from Japan? You want to call home to Japan to your family and business? The Nusch.Zone business app gives you free calls and lowest rates in one.

Skype calling the USA - How to call the USA

Using Skype for making calls where every you are? Keep the comfort, stick with the 0.- in no-internet-zones, too. Skype calling the USA – via Nusch.Zone.

Japan Calling the USA jp - How to call the USA from Japan


Project-Fi Calling Germany - How to call Germany from Google

Using Project-Fi, Hangouts? Go complete, extend your partner-zone in more countries, with greater rates. Google calling Germany via Nusch.Zone.

USA calling China with Nusch.Zone

Calling China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan? The NUSCH.ZONE for iPhones & Androids covers you countrywide and starts with 0.-. USA calling China & Asia.

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Japan calling Brazil jp - How to call Brazil from Japan

ブラジルでビジネスですか?アメリカの旅行者ですか? Nusch.Zoneアプリは、ブラジル、南米、アメリカへの通話をカバーしています。その逆も同様です。

USA calling Germany with Nusch

Calling England, London, Scotland, Ireland via NUSCH.ZONE – the app for iPhones & Androids. USA calling the United Kingdom. Start with 0.-. Phone-holiday;)

USA calling Thailand with Nusch.Zone

Want to call home with a smile? The Nusch app gets you covered. Stay close to family, friends and more where ever you are in the United States.

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USA calling Germany with Nusch.Zone

Calling Europe using NUSCH.ZONE – the telecom app for iPhones and Androids. USA calling Germany for 80%+ less – countrywide. Holiday your phone 365;)