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Die besten Anbieter und Tarife für Gespräche von Deutschland in die USA. Diese Marken machen es, starten mit 0,- und sind flächendeckend.

Skype calling the USA - How to call the USA

Using Skype for making calls where every you are? Keep the comfort, stick with the 0.- in no-internet-zones, too. Skype calling the USA – via Nusch.Zone.

Japan Calling the USA jp - How to call the USA from Japan


Project-Fi Calling Germany - How to call Germany from Google

Using Project-Fi, Hangouts? Go complete, extend your partner-zone in more countries, with greater rates. Google calling Germany via Nusch.Zone.

USA calling China with Nusch.Zone

Calling China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan? The NUSCH.ZONE for iPhones & Androids covers you countrywide and starts with 0.-. USA calling China & Asia.

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USA calling Germany with Nusch

Calling England, London, Scotland, Ireland via NUSCH.ZONE – the app for iPhones & Androids. USA calling the United Kingdom. Start with 0.-. Phone-holiday;)

USA calling Thailand with Nusch.Zone

Want to call home with a smile? The Nusch app gets you covered. Stay close to family, friends and more where ever you are in the United States.

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USA calling Germany with Nusch.Zone

Calling Europe using NUSCH.ZONE – the telecom app for iPhones and Androids. USA calling Germany for 80%+ less – countrywide. Holiday your phone 365;)