Get your brand on all phones and boost your social reach by up to 40%! Rent a Telecom enables you to connect, to earn and to go global in a single move.

Did you know? The internet allows a social reach of 60% max.? Nearly 40% of all people are not covered by the internet. Thats one reason why WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Skype, Facetime and co. perform rather limited. The mobile networks allow a social reach of 98%.

Network Service › unified three networks and the three major types of communication on a single platform and in a single application. Now social media works beyond the internet and therefore reaches over 1/3 more people. Network Service enables businesses to manage their own social network with the greater reach:

Chat + VoIP + mobile calls = One

It´s like social media with rocket boost: Three became one: ☆ Chat (WebRTC) ☆ internet calls (VoIP) ☆ mobile calls (GSM) in 193+ countries. It´s telecommunication and social media in a single app and on a single platform.

Three networks for maximum reach

The mobile apps for Android and Apple iPhones you have three mobile networks on board: GSM: 2G-3G, LTE: 4G-5G and WiFi. While similar platforms are primarily internet-based, this one has a far greater range. You can potentially reach another 2.5 billion people. – Of course everyone benefits:
USERS ⁝ Social media comes with ☆ full network coverage, beyond the internet, includes the ☆ freezone° and low Wow-rates. ☆ No more international roaming fees. ☆ It´s platform-neutral so that anyone can connect to any phone worldwide.
PROVIDERS (YOU) ⁝ ☆ Reach automatically up to 40% more people – against external social media platforms. ☆ Boost revenues. The users pay you directly and permanently. Most importantly it´s:

100% your brand

This communication platform is yours. Instead of sharing your user data base, user information, revenues with third-party-suppliers and following foreign rules you now can control everything.

Ready to start?

At Rent a Telecom you can pick your business package and launch your new social service after 5 | 15 | 30 days STARTER › LITE › FULL ›
Businesses with an active user base of more than 0.5 M or with extended integration requirements will be guided by the NWS sales team.

Everything included ..

Operate “..from your kitchen table”; that complete and simplified everything is prepared. You set the rates and some rules, pour in your contacts and the dashboard tells you what is happening.


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