Let´s compare mobile services. Know the best apps, providers and devices in terms of costs, features and usability ready for every day, anywhere.

Simplify your phone

We are flooded. So let´s compare mobile services. Of course not each one can be the best. Of course we all have different requirements. In the end we all want it cheap and easy. You focus on quality? Others on security. Simple and inexpensive – inclusive freezone° – are basics most agree on. We found and compared some all-most-inclusive services simplifying our phones again.

Compare mobile services for consumers

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Freezone° included?

Free chat, free calls became a kind of mandatory for social media networks. Let´s see how large is the freezone°? Locally? Just members of the same provider? Internationally? Subscription fee required? If yes, what´s the amount for unlimited calls and data?

Communication apps for Android and iPhone

Mobile communication that make you feel home everywhere are preferred. Your phone is your couch and not a multi functional home trainer. Yes we all got used to run a bunch of communication apps on our phones, tablets and mobile devices. Once the phone made it easy to communicate: dial and call. Now we are forced to deal with three and more applications to be connected. Different handlings, different terms, different ways to connect and different tariffs. The call for simplicity is weaker than the advertisment, the PR, which makes us believe in “Fragmentation is good” Brand competition on the back of the consumers is necessary.
Therefore we value the cONEct, the one-approach and dive into the mobile app worlds and find out: Which apps make our lives simple again? Which ones our phone would use or even buy?

Compare mobile services for business

Better hardware

mifi conect.news

Selected hardware supports cost reduction and optimizes handling. Many have more than one device they want to have connected to the internet. Tablets, mobile computers are great mobility partners as well. Question: Do I need two, three or more SIM cards to get them all online? Answer: No! One can be totally sufficient. How? Get a mobile WiFi hotspot! Grab this tiny mobile WiFi-Rounter, called MiFi and so on. What´s this? Exactly what you expect: One SIM card for all devices in a single mobile WiFi device, which runs on battery and fits in your pocket.
You say: “I have tethering!” – Good for you, but this feature does not (yet) replace a WiFi router and has some other disadvantages. Bottom line: If you have more devices online everywhere you have to consider this mobile WiFi pocket router as robust and professional helper.

Tethering vs MiFi

Mobile IoT, M2M and Big Data

Securer mobility

International services

Compare international services ❯
Vergleich der Social Media-Apps ❯

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