Let´s compare social media apps. Know the real social networks, providers and features in terms of costs, security, mobility, everyday usability and more.

Simplify your social life

Too many options to organise your social life via your phone? Let´s compare social media networks on the basis of common human behaviour:  Seeing : Video chat and online meetings.  Hearing : Audio calls private or as groups.  Messaging : Real-time news, audio-messages, video-clips, very privat and to many.  Sharing : Media, files, locations, money and more.
Sharing moments and being close to those we like and love in any possible situation is the number one focus of this contest.

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Quick-check criteria

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◌  Free Chat° ◌  Free Download
◌  Free Calls° ◌  Call Any Number/Phone
◌  Mobile Calls ◌  International Roaming
◌  Security ◌  Privacy
◌  Sharing ◌  Groups
◌  All-in-One ◌  Support

Social media brands compared

These Top10 mobile apps – in alphabetic order – are famous or fit into our profile:

250+ social media platforms are out there. We focus on social networking applications that help us staying together. As close as possible. As easy as possible. This list will be updated. Stay tuned › Send us your experiences.

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Social media platforms for business

Services like LinkedIN, Xing & Co. do offer messaging but are not true communication tools. They help for introduction and for sharing content but not for business communication in a private and safe location. Therefore their ranking in terms of privacy appears rather poor. But anyway, do you know serious business negotiations happening on a market place?!

Compare social media security

Privacy and media safety are mandatory topics in our comparisons. We know the lack of protection, the many failures and the terms of the usual suspects. Let´s face it: There are more rounded services for intimate communications. We understand that some of the Big10 are a kind of must have, but not when it comes to privat conversations. More on super secure mobile social media apps: Social Media Security ›

International social networking

“Wait! Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat are international.” True, but only on the internet. Are the new social borders the physical borders of the internet? This would exclude 1/3 of the worlds poplulation. The good news is: There are mobile social media providers out there covering 98% of all people already. This is good for all people and for business as well.

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AI & VR in social media

Let´s be pragmatic and find out how machines can support what humans really need and want. Our phones are not only driven by our will but also by the platform providers, by people we don´t know, great technologies and machines that appear human.

All-in-one social media network

“Defragment your phone again.” would be good slogan for users. Win back performance, usability, battery-life and space. Once we thought: “Great, everything in one device now: Contact list, connectivity, media, web browser, wallet, entertainment, etc.” But then the brands came in and started to fragment our phones on the inside: Different apps for calls: Mobile, VoIP, Video, different ways of messaging: SMS, media and so on. Not to speak of different ways of handling, different terms. Time for one-in-all social media apps for our all-in-one phones?! Or is it already there?!

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