Free calls to mobile numbers worldwide. A frontier hardly taken by any telco or service provider. They can! Go further with your phone!

Boderless unlimited chat

We know WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and Co. for having international free° chat. But wait! It´s only working on the internet. The new borders are the edges of the internet. Really? How retro! Just exchanging limitations?! Just exchanging national borders with physical borders of the internet? Where is the real deal? The internet statistically reaches nearly 60% of the worlds population. Only! The mobile network covers roughly 98% of everyone on this planet. Yeees, it´s great to enjoy unlimted chat with beloved ones, if they have internet, if the data connection is robust, if I have, if…if..if. Let´s check, wich providers or applications can bridge the gap and do not imprison our lifestyle or even mentality.

..more follows soon..

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