GlobalConnect – Direct – Wireless – Monetized

International connectivity tools for IoT-LBS-M2M. Want to direct-connect things & services? Need your own & international access to your products & devices? GlobalConnect empowers your for exactly this.

  • Connectivity is like currency: Sell your own connectivity!
  • Go borderless: Seamless connections across networks and countries.
  • One-stop shop: Simple enough for non-experts and fully comprehensive.

Why are you waiting to be connected?

Everyone has to depend on a 3rd party to connect services and things, usually. You own a brilliant product but it depends on additional suppliers to work. Banks cannot own their clients on their phones. Governments cannot direct-connect with their citizens. IoT services involuntarily have to share the profit with a network provider. GlobalConnect crushed this vicious cycle. GlobaConnect gives the IoT community the power to direct-connect, self-connect = easy-connect.

GlobalConnect your business



Game changer features at your hand

  • Borderless: The global to local performance gives you a single platform for international operations in 192+ countries.
  • Brand-nutral: Gain autonomy from a single provider. Utilize them all.
  • Start with 0,-: The TOS originates voice and data services. Consequently rates start from 0,-.
  • Network-agnostic: The cross-network ability allows seamless connections and maximum availablity.

Target Groups

IoT provider benefit double: 1. Perfected products: Now with connectivity included. – 2. Higher profits. Connectivity can be monetized.