The Line app is a digital social media service. Let´s check facts: Usable on a daily basis? Secure communication? Free calls? Ready for business?


  • Free Chat
  • Free Calls
  • Free Download
  • Call Any Number/Phone
  • Mobile Calls
  • International Roaming
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Sharing (Files, Media, etc.)
  • Groups
  • Support
  • All-In-One

Line App Evaluation

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Video-audio calls require LTE/WiFi |


Call mobile and landline numbers. | Free calls as small gifts | Desktop app | Windows phones app | Group calls of up to 200 participants. | Promote your business, even involve users with embedded business strategies | Biz: Advanced broadcast features for businesses to reach followers and fans | Line Pay works worldwide


The Line app is sophisticated with a lot of value added features. It appears very much like Facebook, is more content oriented than direct communication.

Line app security

Not an early bird for the benefit of user security. The communication offers end-to-end encryption for all direct communications inclusive group chat. Mainland China blocked the Line servers despite their efforts to comply.

Line offical

How social is Line?

Line goes further than several other social apps by offering Line Out calls in 14+ countries. Small free call gifts encourage to buy more credit. You can place cheaper calls worldwide if you are broadband-connected to the internet plus some credit on your account: “Hello Mom in Brazil!” “Hello motorbike-brother en route!”

What makes Line unique?

Advanced and practical is the multi-plaform usage, inclusive desktop app for Mac/Win. Line Pay works worldwide. The Line Corporation does not only deliver the app but adds more and more features, like Line Taxi, Line Play, Line Wow, which transforms this application into full service in your phone. Line coins are a kind of line currency, which keeps the money flow inside of Line.

Line app for business

Similar to the blue competitor from the US businesses on Line can interact with their audiences through broadcast, support, games, coupons. Mobile business where the audience is: With their phones.

Line news

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