The power to connect! Network Service gives businesses the power to self- and direct-connect people, services and things and to earn while others talk, text, use the internet.

  • Boost the value of products and businesses : Your own connectivity gives you the power to… (Ask your imagination.)
  • 192+ countries & 1 platform : International one-stop communications.
  • Finest sourcing & luxurious margins : Start with 0.- and make money.

Operator & Provider: VNO – MvNO – NSP – ISP

The Wikipedia community describes the Network Service way as Virtual Network Operator (VNO), as international MvNE and as Network Service Provider (NSP) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) We see NWS as a tool box for businesses to integrate wireless networks as a standard feature of services and products.

Direct & Self

Imagine you could reach 98 % of the worlds population. Imagine you can let them make calls, use the internet, stay connected. Imagine you can revaluate your products and services by your own data connection. The basis: The existing wireless networks, like GSM-UMTS-LTE-WiFi. – This is what NWS is doing: Giving businesses the power to self- and direct-connect.

Network as a Service

Profit from Network Service with Rent-a-Telecom & YourTelecom. Small and medium businesses should begin with the STARTER package, which gives 3x3xFREE. Start-ups and newcomers gain a fair market entry with unlimited growth potential. Telco´s gain tools for reaching their competitor´s customers without making them change their mobile number or SIM card.

Global Data for IoT-M2M-LBS

With GlobalConnect IoT services have a single source for borderless data. Add your own connectivity to things and services directly. No need to depend on 3rd party to make your products work. Getting paid for is another reason to have your own global connection.

NWS Portfolio

The Network Service portfolio:

NWS Features

Game changer features at your hand

  • Borderless: The global to local performance lets you have one platform for international operations.
  • Vendor-nutral: Gain autonomy from a single provider and gain highest reliablility, investment security and best possible purchase conditions.
  • Start with 0,-: The TOS originates voice and data services. Consequently rates start from 0,-.
Target Groups