Go digital and mobile in a single step. Network Service provides you with end-to-end digitization: Connectivity, platforms and apps for people and services.

What if you could connect people and services all by yourself? What if you could offer your products, media and devices inclusive network access? Network Service provides you with end-to-end-digitization so that you can manage connectivity, run your mobile platform and build your perfect applications. Best of all: It´s 100% yours!

Super-charge your business

Connectivity is a game changer in the platform industry. Imagine you could transport your content and services directly to any device. Imagine you could control connectivity like a telecom. When it comes to social media you get enabled to deliver even beyond the reach of the internet and therefore connect to 2,5 B more people.

Own more, depend less

Control your coummunication on all levels. ⁝ Users will pay you directly. ⁝ The user information will be given only to you. ⁝ You alone control the transmitted content and files. ⁝ You gain direct global control of the entire value stream. ⁝ All this is 100% you and your brand alone.

One-stop service for your digitization

Digitization with Network Service is complete and drives revenues. While “digital” stands on three pillars: Connectivity – Platform – Apps, you can order it as one all-inclusive package, turn-key ready to start after 7 ⁝ 15 ⁝ 45 days. – You have users? The business package does the rest.

network-service-connectivtyProvide connectivity

Three networks at your hand: GSM (2G-3G), LTE (4G-5G) and WiFi. This gives you the best possible coverage in 193+ countries on the basis of 400+ mobile networks and Millions of WiFi hotspots all over the globe. A global data flat-rate benefits the IoT & M2M industries. You create your own rates and get paid directly by your users.

network-service-platformAll-inclusive platforms

Everything to run data, voice and any kind of mobile services. On the social side you can market: Chat, VoIP, mobile calls, unified communication. On the service side you can control and bill anything anywhere: IoT, money services, data, AI, M2M, media, literally any movement on your platform. Order your Business Platform ›

network-service-applicationsEmpowering applications

Get your brand and your services out there, compliant for any phone and any network. Your options range from software apps and own SIM cards to mobile devices. ⁝ You require BYOx ready solutions or maximum safe mobile devices? ⁝ You want to add connectivity to your social network? ⁝ You manufacture phones and want to sell the networks as well? ⁝ You have IoT apps and want to connect your services by yourself? Go for it! Evolutionize, deliver self-connecting applictions and earn substancially better.

Network Service provides with autonomy

Direct communication is the best. Therefore: Own your communiction! Reach potentially any mobile device and phone on the globe with your social and mobile services. Network Service platforms are borderless by design. Therefore you win on even more levels: 1. Simplify your telecom household 2. Utilize them as lean management tools. 3. Go total global within 45 days. 4. Perfect sourcing for your entire organization 5. Create new and advanced services. More benefits ›

Main beneficiaries:


Tools to boost fresh revenues. Competition is strong, margins are down? Let´s get practical: ◽ Get on potentially any phone and generate sales even if customers use SIM cards of your competitors. The OEM app Nusch proofs you how. ◽ Globalize your service portfolio within 15 days. More fresh innovation tools for MvNOs, VoIP providers and NGNs are here:


Phone manufacturers

Phones with built-in connectivity are more complete and more valuable. ◽ You can constantly earn on a life-time basis. Voice and data connections fees will be payed directly to you. ◽ You stay in control of your phones everwhere (OTA). ◽ Your phone become mobile platforms for your services.


rent-a-telecom-for-sozial-mediaNetwork Service for social media

Become your own social media provider! Your social reach is limited by the range of the internet? You struggle making money? You need more USPs? – More about Social Media 5.0 and 2.5 B more potential users:


Influencers, celebrities, VIPs

Earn money while fans, followers and clients talk to you. A magnetic influencer tool to be close to fans and supporters. Sell chat time. Network Service is great for coaches, consultants, international hotlines and all who sell high-value information. The money can be in your account within 24 hours.


Infrastructures and administrations getting total mobile

Network access on top of all networks. Gain access to all available mobile networks via a single platform controlled by you. The hosting happens at accredited coLocations or on-site.  ⁝ More information will follow soon.


How to ..

Tow options are availble: Order one of three business packages or the customized integration for your existing system.

Business package

Order online. After 7 | 20 | 45 days you can start marketing your services. The stand-alone version just needs user information. The plug-in version docks with your system.

Dedicated integration

You are running a larger digital infrastructure or/and your count more than 0.5 million active users. Tech sales will help integrating via API libraries and more.

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