Nusch covers you at home ❯ On your way ❯ Worldwide. The Nusch app turns the world into your home-zone! All in one: Best rates & best coverage where ever you are. Start with 0.-!

Top features:

  • Just Married: Mobile and WiFi networks in one app.
  • Start with 0,-: Free calls worldwide!
  • All-in-One: One app – one screen to control costs, numbers, mobile services.

The Nusch app upgrades your phone

The Nusch app is a cure against international roaming fees. Check the Nusch rates and learn how to get free from unwanted bill items.The Nusch dial pad gives you more:

1. Check your credit. It´s always at the upper left.
2. See call rates. It´s always at the upper right.
3. Control your numbers. Tap at the upper right.
4. Select the best network. Tap at the upper left. Now you can manually switch between mobile and WiFi networks.
5. Send texts or chat. Chat works with text, audio and video. Tap at the bottom right.
6. Select contacts from the contact list. Tap at the bottom left, etc.

This richer dial pad let´s you have everything at your fingertip. Usually you have to install 2-4 or more different apps to get a similar result: One for internet calls, another one for messaging, yet another one for cheaper international calls, still the one for making regular calls. Switching between different apps is not natural. The Nusch app gives you all in one and simplifies communication again. – With this in mind we go a step further and ask you to:

Keep, keep, keep – Don´t change a thing!

Yes, keep what you already have! The Nusch app is for everyone with an Android phone or IPhone. Your mobile number is important. Just keep it and stay available where ever you might be on this globe. Keep your phone and the way you personalized it. Keep your SIM card if necessary. Again: Don´t change a thing. Just add the app.

Nusch starts with 0.-

Currently N2N (NUSCH to NUSCH) calls are free in the green internet mode. Later international data services and messaging will be free as well. Presently using the Nusch app is without obligations. Just rates & all in one. Happy connections!


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