The Nusch app is a total mobile social media service. Let´s check facts: Smart and smooth at your fingertips? Secure? Free calls? Ready for business?

The first supercharged social media application on the market, which works in all mobile networks worldwide, always starts in the freezone° and gives you bleeding edge security and privacy.


  • Free Chat
  • Free Calls
  • Free Download
  • Call Any Number/Phone
  • Mobile Calls
  • International Roaming
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Sharing
  • Groups
  • All-In-One
  • Support

Nusch App Evaluation

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No desktop app | Waiting for the native data connection, but no one has so far 😉 | A newcomer obviously. No numbers available so far (2019-07)


International mobile social media app. | One-in-all helps to minimize unnecessary apps. | High availability for seamless calls while roaming networks (WiFi-LTE-GSM). | Voicemail | Call recording | Rent local numbers (DID) | Change caller ID | Search chat | Avoid international roaming costs | Multi lingual | High quality calls everywhere via GSM | Mobile calls without internet-data connection | International freezone° ..


Best ranking among the Top10, but rather unknown. | The only total mobile social media app on the market.

Business Special

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The Nusch app upgrades your phone

The Nusch app claims to innovate on four levels:

Wow-Rates › Free° calls plus super low rates to all other phones worldwide.
Triple Reach › Get chat, internet & mobile calls in one app.
One-Compfort › One world, one app, all in.
Deeper Security › Covers all three attack routes, asks for just one information and gives true privacy.

All Nusch features

Keep, keep, keep – Don´t change a thing!

Yes, keep what you have! The Nusch app is a finest BYO-application for anyone with an Android phone or iPhone. Keep your phone and the way you personalised it. Keep your mobile number. Just add the app and enjoy the one-comfort.

The Nusch app extends your freezone°

Free° N2N calls (NUSCH to NUSCH) if both are on the internet. Reach any mobile number for free°. Your contact is not on the internet? With super low internet call rates you can talk to anyone. You are not on the internet? With super low mobile call rates you can talk to anyone from anywhere. No roaming fees for incoming and outgoing calls while you are abroad.

Total mobile social media

Imagine you walk from your hotel´s Wifi to your transport and from there to your office: WiFi ⇌ mobile data ⇌ WiFi. Your phone changed the networks at least two times but it was one call all the time. Imagine the call follows you everywhere, even accross borders, even in the countryside, even while going 110 on the motorway and back home. Stop dreaming. Start testing the mobile social media network.

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° Info
° Freezone ⁝ free ⁝ gratis ⁝ 0.- ⁝ all-inclusive
Users can communicate for free or without connection fees. ⁝ Either connections are inclusive your internet-data-tariff plan or you use the network access of someone else. ⁝ The download of a free app may cause costs for data usage. ⁝ Data charges may apply for chat, calls and sharing media via the mobile internet.