Deeper security and best privacy for you, your phone and your money The Nusch app protects your personal information and communication on six levels.

Digital security is nearly as important as the communication via digital platforms itself. Deeper security has to consider the transmission ways, the devices and the privacy. Nusch goes deeper in terms of not asking for unnecessary details, transparency for your money and gives you more than nine safety features.

Deeper security facts:

Your mobile number is all Nusch needs to give you 100% function.
Double-secured communication ⁝ Your conversations and online activities are covered by HTTPS over TLS/SSL & AES 256-bit encryption. Digital security occurs on the phone and on the transmission routes.
No payment information ⁝ In-app payments occur directly at Paypal, Stripe or similar. Nusch doesn´t ask for financial details.
One-time passwords ⁝ Your online login happens via real-time one-time password (OTP). Lost or stolen passwords? History!
Auto-delete ⁝ Nusch automatically deletes* your messages, data, files after they have been received.
Real-time credit control ⁝ Your remaining credit is always visible: Dialpad screen top left.
Real-time tariff control ⁝ Wow-rates for calls to contacts outside the freezone° automatically appear before the actual call starts at the top right on the dialpad screen.
Real-world protection ⁝ An optional password secures your chatroom from curious eyes, even if the have your phone in their hands.
Not snoopy ⁝ Nusch doesn´t ask for email addresses, names and other personal details.

A free hand for you: Security is all inclusive and automated. Fact is: The Nusch app allows higher security as regulated by the European Community DSGVO/BDSG.

Less information from you – Deeper security for you

Data security, privacy and cost control are essential when thinking about phones, social media and connectivity. While the known mobile platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and Co. try to collect as much data as possible they ply business with your details and deliver rather limited functionality. Nusch sets new standards: Maximum connectivity requires minimum information from the users.

Triple secured mobile app

HTTPS over SSL/TLS & AES 256-bit-encryption & chatroom password ⁝ Nusch is brand independent and therefore can implement better safety rules. The chat provides you with two protecting mechanisms: a. TLS-SSL-certified = eavesdrop secure HTTPS connections among the Nusch users are encrypted. b. The entire chatroom for video-, audio-, text-communication, the files, media is locked behind Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256-bit encryption). c. The optional chatroom password keeps snoopers out. In short:

Deeper security – No payment information

You want to buy credit, rent local numbers and more? Nusch is safer, more discreet and super simple: After your picked the service you will see the original payment page from PayPal, Stripe or similar. Confirm the payment and/or enter the required information. Ready.

Chatroom – Safer than email

Your secured chatroom is sufficient. No email address required. Call statements, possible invoices, voice messages, notifications, everything concerning your Nusch account arrives there. Everyting in just one place, more simple, more private for you.

Your securer business app

You want to see your logo on this application? No problem. Nusch is OEM ready. New deeper security plus new business opportunities: The entire communication happens on a single international platform. ⁝ Add mobile connectivity to your portfolio. ⁝ You own the connection fees and user data. More:

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° Info
* Of course in consideration of legal regulations of your home country.