One-comfort for you and your mobile phone. Nusch gives you a single app for your entire communication. One platform, one screen, all inclusive freezone.

One-comfort vs “How many communication apps does your phone need to stay connected?” Three, five, maybe more? Different applications, different ways of handling, different terms and conditions. – Nusch merges your communication into a single application: Talk, chat, share ❯ with all contacts ❯ on all networks ❯ worldwide.

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One app – multiple networks ⁝ GSM – LTE – WiFi managed by a single mobile platform.
One app – all ways to communicate ⁝ Chat (video, audio, text), VoIP internet calls, mobile calls, SMS-texts, group-chat, file/media sharing, voice mail, local numbers rental (DIDs), and more.
One app for everywhere ⁝ With and beyond the internet. Nusch covers you at home, in the office, on your way (going 110, in the countryside) and worldwide.
One screen – full control ⁝ Chat and calls start from a single screen, intuitive and simple again.
Start in the freezone° ⁝ Unlimited free chat and calls to family, friends and partners. For contacts outside the freezone° enjoy super-low Wow-rates.
Nusch in your phone´s contact list ⁝ Pick a contact on your phone › Choose Nusch button › Go!
Don´t change a thing! ⁝ Keep everthing: Keep your phone and mobile number. Nusch is best practice BYOx.
Six level security & privacy ◽ All three possible attack routes against your mobile phone and personal data are secured. ◽ Register with just your mobile number. ◽ Nusch does not ask for payment information, email address and other details. ◽ Real-time credit control on the home screen.

Nusch improves your Android phone and iPhone. Less applications effect longer standby time, greater performance, less fragmentation, more storage available.

Follow me communication

High availability calls are as all calls should be! You leave your home while on a call or chat. The call follows you on the other network (WiFi ⇌ LTE). You go 100 on the motorway and finally reach your office. Let the call follow you from 4G ⇌ 3G ⇌ WiFi hotspot. Imagine your phone can do this for you.

Phone in your phone

Nusch is comprehensive like a cockpit and intuitive at the same time.
Upper left⁝ ◽ Toggle to manually switch between mobile and internet mode. ◽ Displays your current account credit.
Upper right ⁝ ◽ Toggles the displayed phone number (in case you rented a local number). ◽ Displays the rate per minute when you call a contact outside the freezone°
Bottom left ⁝ ◽ See your phones contact list. ◽ Displays your call history and lets you redial instantly.
Bottom right ⁝ ◽ Settings, support, rates, top up, shop and more. ◽ Send SMS-text or switch to your chatroom. The chatroom screen mirrors the home screen with the many chat features.

One-comfort roaming

Better than your SIM card and more efficient than any internet based service: Experience nationwide coverage from home-zone to countryside, from office to the motorway while going 100 mph and faster. Experience the same in 193+ countries.

Nusch turns the world into your home-zone with many freezones°.

One-comfort starts at 0.-

Each call starts in the freezone° at 0.-. No buy-price, no set-up fee, no subscription fee, no sur-charges. Unlimited calls and chats among the Nusch users. Your contact is not available in the freezone°? Nusch connects you anyway anywhere to anyone at any time.

BYOD = Don´t change a thing

Keep your mobile phone, your mobile number and your SIM card! Traveller special: Keep your mobile number and phone abroad as well. Nusch makes your mobile number global without international roaming fees.

Your brand – Your Business

Same app – your logo?! Very well! Nusch is a OEM service. A comprehensive communication platform as a one-stop-shop-service is hard to find. It can be used as VAS, additional income stream, telecom service and simply for saving money. You can order this app or a individually customized version at:


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