Triple reach for your mobile phone. All three in one: GSM + LTE + WiFi in 193+ countries. Nusch, the only mobile app that makes the world your home-zone.

One mobile app gives you triple reach for your phone: ◽ GSM (2G-3G) ◽ LTE (4G-5G) ◽ WiFi-WLan ◽ worldwide. Nusch unifies all three types of communications: ◽ Free chat (WebRTC) ◽ Internet calls (VoIP) ◽ Mobile calls everywhere.


Make it one

Until now we have to install several mobile applications for using: ◽ Chat ◽ Mobile calls ◽ Video calls ◽ SMS-texts ◽ Sharing files, media and more ◽ Secure messaging ◽ International cheap calls ◽ Avoid roaming fees ◽ WiFi-calling, etc. – Ouch, three to five and more applications to stay connected?! Three to five and more different ways of handling. Three to five and more different terms and conditions you have read and understood, right? – Nusch has finished this:

Better connected facts

Nusch & GSM   Maximum reach beyond the internet.
Nusch & LTE   Calls and chat via the broadband mobile networks.
Nusch & WiFi  Unlimited free chat and calls via millions of hotspots worldwide.
Nusch worldwide  Your home-zone 193+ countries without roaming fees.
Nusch Freezone°  Nusch-to-Nusch* calls & chats are free° – worldwide.
High Availability  Contacts are not in the freezone°? Never mind, reach any phone anwhere, worldwide.
Platform neutral  Call any phone worldwide (not just other Nusch app users).
Follow me!  Your call follows you when you change networks during a call: WiFi ⇌ 4G ⇌ 2G ⇌ 3G.

Your iPhone or Android phone becomes truly comfortable again: The robust and distration free call-flow is made for professional users.

Triple reach gives you unified communications

All ways to communicate in one app: ◽ Chat Video, audio, text, inclusive group chat ◽ Internet calls (VoIP) ◽ Mobile calls (GSM) ◽ Sharing files, media and more ◽ SMS texts to other networks and phone numbers ◽ Voice mail in the cloud ◽ Local numbers (DIDs) for 60+ countries ◽ Recording of your conversations ◽ International wihtout roaming-fees ◽ Secure IP-connections via HTTPS over SSL/TLS. All of this and more comes in a single application, on a single platform and as a internationally unified service.

All Nusch featuresGSMVoIPChat via WebRTCSMS textsLocal numbers

Any changes for you?

No, Nusch is a best practice BYOD-application. Keep your phone, keep your mobile number, keep your SIM card. Positive changes are: Your phone needs less apps, therefore gains better performance, longer battery life and handling becomes easy again.

Business: Your brand in all phones

This mobile application and the underlying platform make you a connectivity provider: It gives you everything to save and make money and to connect anyone and anything anywhere. – All business opportunities:

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° Info
* All users are on the internet with the Nusch app active.