Wow-rates always start at 0.-. Call contacts outside your personal freezone° with the Nusch app at similar low rates, worldwide. Your next call is on Nusch.

Let´s start at 0.-

The Nusch app is the only one that connects via the internet and through mobile networks. That´s why mobile calls always start at 0.- Contacts are not in the freezone°? Reach them anyway but 60-95% cheaper than usual and 30-60 % cheaper than the best known VoIP providers. – Your next call is on Nusch!


Wow-rates facts

Nusch free° calls ⁝ Free° conversations with your family, friends, partners and business contacts. Includes sharing, video-, audio-, group chat no matter where you are on this globe.
No application fee ⁝ Free° download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
No subscription fee ⁝ Exactly.
No surcharges ⁝ Just the published price/minute. No connection fee, no package prices with expiry date, or similar hidden costs.
No roaming fees abroad ⁝ Nusch makes your current mobile number global without roaming costs for incoming or outbound calls.
Free help ⁝ Get help: Worldwide – 24/7 – personal.

Nusch – unlimited free calls

Reach mobile numbers in other countries for free*. Moreover an entirely free° chat is at hand. Create your personal international freezone°.

Not 0.-? But Nusch Wow-rates!

Communication with contacts without Nusch? Yes, call anyone! Your conversation partner is not available on the internet? Call anyway. Your internet connection is weak or not available? Call anyway.

With Nusch you can talk anywhere to anyone and stay reachable anywhere, with and without the internet.

Wow abroad

You are abroad? You have contacts in other countries? Your contact is not in the freezone°?
International calls ⁝ Start at 0.-/min. Or you still have 60-90% against the usual rates.
Talk while abroad ⁝ Start at 0.- or save between 45-95% against usual rates.
Incoming calls abroad ⁝ No roaming fees for incoming calls on your mobile number all over the globe.


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° Info
* All users use the Nusch app in a mobile data or WiFi network.