Join the love story of GSM + LTE + WiFi. The Nusch app unites them, so rates will always start with 0.- including worldwide high availability.

One is sufficient

The new receipe for talking & texting at best rates everywhere! No need to have different apps for enjoying either better rates or the best availability. No need to load different apps on your phone and to always switch between them for just making calls. – “Aah, internet calls are cheaper, but another app again? Not good enough though” – “Puuh, in the office again, now I can make cheap VoIP calls.”
Have you ever been satisfied with Skype calls at places with no or weak internet? Please try to call your family on their mobile phones via WhatsApp. Can you order a pizza with Line? Remember a ruined phone bill just because of a few calls abroad!? Seriously, why different apps for just making calls?

Simple again

We believe it´s time to seamlessly float through the wireless networks and different communication services with just a single application. We insist: It´s time to simplify again. We did it! We invented the NUSCH app.

Dreamteam: GSM + LTE + WiFi

With mobile networks (2G-3G-4G-5G) and millions of WiFi hotspots 98% of the world´s population is covered by Nusch. Maybe time to defragment your communication too.

Business Models
Target Groups
    Nusch covers 192+ countries. We built NZ for usage on a daily basis.
    Mothers can call their kids for free. | International businesses gain a true business telecom app. | NGO´s gain a perfect donation tool. | Travellers enjoy their their trips even more. | be continued.
    No need to use NZ for calls to destinations that are covered by “unlimited” or “flat-rate” options .