Excite your audience with daily benefits & earn from it. Get your own telecom app in 72 hours. One of our three business packages is for you.

Imagine you can start your own telecom!!

Everyone is connected to someone or something, internationally, in cities and in rural areas. Imagine you can bring your connectivity to your audience on a daily basis.

The STARTER package gives 3X3XFREE

Rent A Telecom Business PackagesMost launches are hard. Better to have someone with you who takes some pain away while reaching the next level. Therefore we decided to offer a smooth start. What would you say if we do it without the monthly fees for the first three months: 3X3XFREE. During that time you can switch or build your audience without further obligations. You really can afford to just focus on your audience for we do the rest. Deal?!

The Rent A Telecom calculator

In case you have an audience of at least a few thousand users the Rent A Telecom calculator helps you to find the best out of the three business models: STARTER | LITE | FULL. Download the calculator HERE →.

Everything included!

Each one of the three business packages includes at least 1. Your web site, 2. Your telecom app > iOS & Android, 3. Your rates & currency 4. Your dashboard. While the users pay directly to your Paypal account our system does the billing and parts of the customer care (CRM) for you. This and more is pretty much everything to run a telecom business from a kitchen table. In other words: You have audience? We bring in the network. You cut the deal!

Test first! Get the NUSCH App

NUSCH LogoNo need to buy a pig in a poke. Test first. The NUSCH.ZONE telecom app gives you all feelings and experiences you need. While testing imagine to have your logo and your name on the app. Imagine it´s yours. WOW! Really?! Yeah, really. Get the NUSCH app on iPhoneAndroid →.

Always your project & your business!

You already have a web site or an app? Or even have a telecom business? Great. Our API service supports your system as it is. Who gets the money? It´s you! Your customers pay you not us. You own your customers, you own the money flow.

Your rates

Get excited about the rates. Check them on the NUSCH app or on the NUSCH web site. In most countries you suddenly have up to 90% margins to play with. Check mobile and VoIP rates alike. Compared to Skype you save 70%+ to call someones mobile phone. Free calls among your customers? Yes, included! Bottom line: You are more than competetive and still have huge margins to earn from.

Target Groups
    Small and medium enterprises (SME) searching for robust and monetized customer services. ☉ Corporations gain a central management tool to drastically cut costs on international telecommunications. ☉ Marketing agencies searching for customer retention tools. ☉ Telco´s that want to reach the competitors´ customers. ☉ Non-profit organizations gain a highly attractive and powerful tool to collect donations.