Become a connectivity provider. The business packages from Rent a Telecom empowers any business to manage & monetise mobile networks: STARTER | LITE | FULL.

Connectivity as a Service

Rent a Telecom business packages make your business a connectivity provider. Now that mobile networks become part of your value chain, your services and products become even more powerful and more valuable. Providers of mobile applications, cloud based services, voice applications are now enabled to provide the connection as well. It´s time to earn from connectivity directly instead of leaving the revenues to third-party suppliers. Your own SIM cards, your own total mobile app with up to 40% more customer reach comes with three business packages:

STARTER package with 3x3x3xfree

Your smooth start into connectivity. You are a startup? You have less than 10K users you want to provide with your mobile connection? Newcomers benefit from three free months.


LITE package

You have a data base of 10K and more active users? Come and get the connectivity revenues and offer even more valuable functions.


FULL package

You already run mobile applicatons, your are connectivity provider and are looking for better margins, more reach and want to get out of the niche.


Rent a Telecom calculator

Find the perfect business package to start with: STARTER | LITE | FULL. Download the calculator (Excel) without any obligations for free:


Test Rent a Telecom

Download the free° Nusch app. After ninety seconds you experience one of the most advanced social media networking platforms on the market. Imagine your brand on it. It works with and beyond the internet. That´s why you can reach up to 40% more users. A single app has everything to connect anyone with anyone anywhere via video, voice, text and sharing. Imagine it´s yours.

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All inclusive business packages

All you need is a computer with internet access and your mobile phone. Each business package includes: 1. Product web site, inclusive internet domain. 2. Mobile apps for iOS- & Android phones. 3. Apple Store und Google Play Store administration. 4. Your rates and currencies. 5. Dashboard and daily report. 6. Customer management and invoicing. 7. Customer support. 8. Free international roaming. – That simple you could run it almost from your kitchen table.

You have the customer base + Rent a Telecom has the connectivity = Your new deal.

Who gets the money?

Your customers directly pay to your Paypal & Co. business account. You set your own rates and margins you want to earn. Rent a Telecom is not involved in the payment process between you and your customers°.

100% your project and business

Everything is customised according to your brand and business model°. You already have mobile apps on the market? You are running a telecom as MvNO, NSP or similar? A fit. API libraries support your system as it is. Deeper adjustments and new functions can be ordered.

100% user- and phonefriendly

User can keep their phones and mobile numbers if you order the mobile app. The BYO functionality favours all Android phone and iPhone users. The strong and built in security and privacy features show once more the user-friendlyness. | SIM cards and the filmSIM allows to serve mobile data and users without smartphones as well.

Profit margins & reduction potentials

Low Wow-rates for you. Of course everything starts at 0.-°. At the same time you can call anyone from anywhere in case you are not in the freezone° or a contact is not yet using your mobile app. You can use the Rent a Telecom business packages for both directions: Saving ⇌ Earning
For morst countries you can calculate with margins up to 100%. Against large VoIP providers you still have margins of up to 70%.

What exactly can I order?

You can order the mobile app right away online. Seven days after the first payment your mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play-Store and a little later from the Apple-Store.
SIM cards and the film-SIM can be ordered at Project-Sales ›

Additional modules

24/7 live customer support ⁝ More languages ⁝ More currencies ⁝ Local all-inclusive packages ⁝ Special APIs ⁝ Provider-neutral SIM-cards/eSIMs/filmSIMs for all networks ⁝ Wallet-extrension ⁝ In-app shop integration ⁝.. more on request.

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Rent a Telecom is a sales arm of Network Service Holdings HK Limited. Small and medium enterprises gain direct access to the mobile networks. As vMNO/MvNE/NSP Network Service provides international and local enterprises with mobile connectivity (voice and data) via the telecommunication and mobile data networks (2G-5G-WiFi).
° Freezone ⁝ free ⁝ gratis ⁝ 0.- ⁝ all-inclusive
Users can communicate for free or without connection fees. ⁝ Either connections are inclusive your internet-data-tariff plan or you use the network access of someone else. ⁝ The download of a free app may cause costs for data usage. ⁝ Data charges may apply for chat, calls and sharing media via the mobile internet.