Go digital and own your communication. Rent a Telecom business packages let you manage and monetize connectivity, mobile services and digital platforms.

100% your communication

Become your own communication platform under your brand. Get everything to directly manage connecting networks, mobile platforms and apps from a single source and as a single turnkey-ready application for your business. It starts from 250.- Euro/month. Profit from empowering features and a comprehensiveness no one else offers.

Foundation of your digitization

Own the three cornerstones of any digitization: NetworksPlatformsApplications for all POS, devices and mobile phones. Network Service unified and assembled them as bookable complete packages, so that you can start in 7 ⁝ 20 ⁝ 45 days. The Full and Lite packages give you a decisive flexibility to add arbitrary further services like financial services, IoT & M2M, social media, VAS, telecommunication, shops and more.

Three business packages for your goals:

rent-a-telecom-business-package-starter @conect.news
STARTER package with 3x3x3xfree

Your smooth start to communicate your way. You have less than 10K users you want to connect to directly? You are a startup and new in digitization? Newcomers benefit from three free months.


rent-a-telecom-business-package-lite @conect.news
LITE package

Your acitive user data base counts 10K and more? Earn the connection fees, the in-app and on-platform payments directly. Securely involve your audience with even more valuable functions.


rent-a-telecom-connectivity-provider-full @conect.news
FULL package

You run mobile applicatons, your are a network provider and are looking for better margins, maximum social reach and want to get out of the niche? Dock with API libraries, reach 40% more users, go global in a single move and crank up.


All inclusive business packages

An internet-data connection, your computer and mobile phone are sufficient to control everything. All business packages are designed for a quick start, as stand-alone or as plug-in application, including: ⁝ Product web site ⁝ Mobile apps ⁝ Your rates and currencies ⁝ Dashboard and daily report ⁝ Customer management and invoicing. – That simple you could run it almost from your kitchen table.

For Telcos, MvNOs, NSPsFor Social MediaFor phones & phone manufacturer For Groups & NPOsFor VIPs & Influencer

Profit margins & savings potentials

Rent a Telecom business packages can be use in both directions: Saving ⇌ Earning. As the margins go up to 100% you can utilize packages as better sourcing tool and/or as profit center.

Who gets the money?

Your customers directly pay to your Paypal or similar business account. You set your own rates and margins you want to earn. NWS is not involved in the payment process between you and your customers°.

Next steps

Order one of the business packages STARTER ⁝ LITE ⁝ FULL as stand-alone or as comprehensive plugin integration.


Order online and your new stand-alone application will be live and marketable in 7 ⁝ 20 ⁝ 45 days.

Plugin integration

The docking with your digital environment occurs hand in hand with the tech-sales team, via APIs and more.

Rent a Telecom Calculator

⁝ Find the best business package for you. No commitment and free of charge:

Package Calculator

Exclusive integration

Projects with exclusive requirements, enterprise and infrastructure projects with more than 0.5M active users will get support from tech sales. The target: Building, optimizing and globalizing your communication structures.

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