Connect anyone, anywhere and on any device. Rent a Telecom makes you a connectivity provider. Networks included: GSM, LTE, WiFi in 193+ countries.

Connectivity under your brand

Usually connectivity comes from third-parties, mobile network and Wifi providers. They earn from values you created. They get user information from your customers. This is no longer necessary. Rent a Telecom makes you a connectivity provider. You directly manage mobile connections and directly earn from it from now on.

Connect anyone and anything under your brand.


For small and medium enterprises

Imagine, you could have your OWN SIM cards? Imagine, you could connect and control your services and products directly? Go your way and add connectivity to your portfolio. The STARTER package helps startups and newcomers. The LITE package helps businesses with an active user basis starting from 5K.


Test Rent a Telecom

Download the free° Nusch app. After ninety seconds you experience one of the most advanced social media networking platforms on the market. Imagine your brand on it. It works with and beyond the internet. That´s why you can reach up to 40% more users. A single app has everything to connect anyone with anyone anywhere via video, voice, text and sharing. Imagine it´s yours.

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For large and international organisations

The FULL package gives you a single platform for all networks (2G-5G) in 193+ countries including 400+ mobile networks, plus millions of WiFi-hotspots around the globe. No third-party dependencies. Your new advantages: ◽ Connect your users directly. ◽ Monetise your way: Save and/or make money. ◽ A single platform for borderless and seamless communication, billing, CRM, SLA and more. ◽ Deeper security on five levels. ◽ Global end-to-end connectivity. ◽ Best possible sourcing, locally and internationally.


Rent a Telecom empowers telcos

You need tools to boost fresh revenues? Competition is strong, margins are down? Rent a Telecom delivers fresh and valuable innovations to the connectivity and network industry. Let´s get practical: Test the OEM Nusch mobile app: Get in potentially any phone and generate sales even if the phone owners use SIM cards of your competitors.


For phone manufacturers

Phones with built-in connectivity are more complete. They become interactive under your control. You can constantly earn on a life-time basis. While you serve the entire value chain users have even more reasons to stick with you.


Rent a Telecom empowers social media

Your service is limited by the reach of the internet? You struggle making money? You need more USPs to attract more users?


For influencers, celebrities, VIPs

Earn money while fans, followers and clients talk to you. A magnetic influencer tool to be close to fans and supporters. Sell chat time for 50 Dollars or 100 Euros or 500.-,.. You set the numbers. Offer video and/or audio calls, in- or exclusive chat, with and without recording. Do it whenever you have time. Rent a Telecom is great for coaches, consultants, international hotlines and all who sell high-value information. The money can be on your account within 24 hours.


For infrastructures and administrations

Network access on top of all networks. Gain access to all available mobile networks via a single platform controlled by you. The hosting happens at accredited coLocations or on-site.  ⁝ More information will follow soon.


Fresh energy for your brand

Rent a Telecom empowers you to:

Drive revenues or save big ⁝ Rates start from 0.-. You set the user rates. Margins are freely scalable.
Mobilise services yourself ⁝ Integrated connectivity makes your portfolio more complete, more accessible and valuable.
Globalize mobility ⁝ With borderless performance and superior network coverage you can literally reach anyone and anything everywhere.
Own your users ⁝ Exclude third-party dependencies, privacy issues and gain direct access to people and devices.
Deliver deeper security ⁝ Sealed end-to-end connectivity, double encrypted data and files and most effective privacy settings deliver safety on all levels and make your brand even more trustworthy.
Simplify ⁝ Control your entire communication using just a single platform.

🇩🇪 Rent a Telecom macht dich zum Verbindungsanbieter


Wikipedia describes Network Service in the realm of vendor-neutral international virtual network providers: VNO and as mobile telecom enabler MvNE.

Amazon, AWS has Direct Connect too!Rent a Telecom offers both: Web and cloud services PLUS network. Amazon does not offer network connectivity. AWS simply allows you to connect directly with their servers in case you have rented a dedicated network connection from a third-party supplier.
° Info
° Freezone ⁝ free ⁝ gratis ⁝ 0.- ⁝ all-inclusive
Users can communicate for free or without connection fees. ⁝ Either connections are inclusive your internet-data-tariff plan or you use the network access of someone else. ⁝ The download of a free app may cause costs for data usage. ⁝ Data charges may apply for chat, calls and sharing media via the mobile internet.
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