The Signal app is a digital social media service. Let´s check facts: Usable on a daily basis? Secure communication? Free calls? Ready for business?


  • Free Chat
  • Free Calls
  • Free Download
  • Call Any Number/Phone
  • Mobile Calls
  • International Roaming
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Sharing (Files, Media, etc.)
  • Groups
  • Support
  • All-In-One

Signal Evaluation

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Audio calls require LTE/WiFi | No calls to users outside the Signal ecosphere.


Desktop apps | End to end encrypted | Several options to keep your Signal messaging secured. | Cross-network functionality: Send and receive SMS / MMS.


The Signal app is a respected non-profit project. Android is open source on Github

Signal app security & privacy

The code is partially open and reviewable. No sales program, affiliate tracking. No payment details are requested.

Github with Signal-Android

How social is Signal?

It´s not a stand alone service, which covers all your communication needs. It’s another app among other necessary apps to stay connected. It’s of course fine for close friends and family or close business partner if security is required.

What makes Signal unique?

The story of this app appears very authentic and makes the people behind this app and service more trustworthy. The non-business approach is another significant indication of truthfulness. Some of the code is open source, means no obvious strange code is possible. Otherwise the community around this app would shout out loud. Other trustworthy and proven advocats recommend “Open Whisper” software. Not trustworthy services changed their encryption to “Open Whisper”. Signal is blocked by some old-style restrictive countries.

Lifehacker on Signal vs Whatsapp + Comment

Signal app for business

Sure, business partner can do. Open Whisper helped Facebook and others with the end-to-end encryption. Since there is no billing built in no one can build a paid business around Signal.

Signal news

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