Fa(i)r enough? Social media coverage is important for personal freedom. Are you limited by the borders of the internet? A quick comparison.

Covered by social networks

Everyone is covered by social networks: Family, friends, community, colleagues, etc. “Digital” gave us nearly unlimited possibilities to socialise. Really? How far does social media coverage reach? Are our social platforms ready to connect nearly everyone of us? Yes, they are. However the trend points into the opposite direction. People like you and me have to accept the narrow limits of the physical internet in order to use social networks. More than one third of all people do not have access to social media services. Inevitably? No! These providers include all terrestrial mobile networks (Updated 2019/06).

60% of all people
98% of all people
LTE & WiFi
GSM & LTE & WiFi

In words: With GSM (2G+3G) more or less than 98% of the worlds population is covered. LTE (4G+5G) and Wifi allows us to reach approximately 60% of all humans. Do you know what? The largest social media providers offer their services through the internet only. Result: More than 1/3 of all poeple are excluded.

More network for social impact

Skype-, Line-, Viber users at least have the option to call other networks if – yes: if – the caller phone is connected to the broadband internet. The largest social networking platforms Whatsapp, WeChat and similar are strictly limited to their own systems. Inter-network and inter-platform connections are not possible. Consequences we are forced to accept: ◻ Calls to other networks: Not possible. ◻ All participants have to be online. ◻ Want to enjoy video or voice calls? Your data connection has to be a robust broadband connection. Really?! The internet overcame national borders in a way but has brought un-social limititations as well.


Real-social demands

Do you know the reasons why most social platforms are hardly usable on a daily basis? ◻ They limit the range of users. ◻ Only broadband internet connections deliver the full potential. ◻ More apps are required if you want to connect with people in other networks. ◻ Going 90 mph on motorways or railways? Video and audio calls are not possible! ◻ You like countryside? Limited functionality. So this is our reality: Great mobile phone! But you need different communication apps to enjoy free calls, want to call other numbers, to send texts, to call abroad, to be secure. Other drawbacks are: Many mobile apps reduce perfomance, usability, exhaust the battery life faster. Lets say: Many great app-ideas, but where is the unified and fluid user experience?

Total mobile social media

One social network provider shows how to be total mobile: Nusch. This service comes with all networks in one mobile app: ➊ Robust mobile calls (highways, trains, countryside, etc.) ➋ VoIP internet calls allow cheap calls to other networks and phone numbers worldwide ➌ Free chat including video, voice, messaging and the sharing of files, media and more.

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