Top10 social media ranking: Social networking platforms help improving our social life. Let´s compare for you – singles, families and professionals.

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Social media apps for the real world

Yes, we got used to limit our mobility around WiFi hotspots. We limit ourselves to better not reach the edges of a strong data signal. Our neural system explains us: The world beyond the internet is insecure. Some believe more in their preferred media provider than in their human abilities. Probaly virtual is the new real. Okay, I was joking, right? Truth is: The real world is where people are. Facts are: The internet reaches max 60% of all people but the mobile networks cover 98%. Suddenly some “social” media services do not appear that social any more by excluding 1/3 of everyone.


Evaluation criteria° 1-5 ★´s

Real-life performance is what we are looking for.

Free Chat°

Unlimited video chat, audio calls and messaging.
★★★★★ = Free group chat.
★★★ = Free: Only internally.

Free Calls°

Unlimited calls without internet connection.
★★★★★ = Free calls to mobile numbers.

Free Download

Freely available on the app stores, inclusive free chat.
★★★★★ = No hidden fees. No subscription fees. No forced paid upgrades.

Call Any Number/Phone

Call phones and phone numbers outside the freezone°, via VoIP, dial-through, call-back.
★★★★★ = International cross-network communication for calling any landline, mobile, satellite, special number.

Mobile Calls

Mobile calls, in case you are not in the freezone° and have no internet connection.
★★★★★ = Both routes: Call and receive calls outside the internet and freezone.

International Roaming

Avoid international roaming fees at home and abroad.
★★★★★ = Lower rates for international calls outside the internet zone.
★★★★★ = Order local numbers (DID) in your and other countries.


Secure communication on three levels: ⁝ Real-world: Locked chatroom against curious people. ⁝ Transmission routes: The data stream is protected while travelling between the phones. ⁝ Phones: The files, data, messages are digitally encrypted and locked against access from outside.
★★★★★ = More security features, like higher encryption, etc.


Unnecessary personal details are not requested. The Provider does not use data for third-party purposes.
★★★★★ = The Provider does not ask for payment details, email addresses.


Send and receive encrypted files, media and more between single contacts and groups.
★★★★★ = Files are freely availble on the phone for further handling.
★★★★★ = Send/receive money and other value added services.


Group-chat and sharing among family, friends and colleagues.
★★★★★ = Broadcast function allows to send messages, media, etc. to unlimited users.
★★★★ = Moderated group discussion as collaboration tool.


Seamless in all relevant networks: WiFi, LTE, GSM. | Don´t change a thing, keep your phone and mobile number: BYOD per se. | All ways to connect in one app: Chat + internet calls + mobile calls.
★★★★★ = Includes security, works internationally, calls/chats can start in our phone´s contact list.
★★★★★ = Includes desktop applications, minimum Windows/Mac.


Get direct, personalised and free support.
★★★★★ = International support 24/7.

No.1 on our wish list

Include data to social media! Yes, we know, mobile data requires a kind of SIM card or device and potentially destroys the BYOD simplicity. BUT: 1. Enables far better security. 2. No 3rd-party dependencies. 3. Includes up to 40% more people. 4. Film-SIM sticker on your existing SIM card makes it easy for anyone, BYOD ready.

Your social media experience

Media should promote our life´s story. Media should follow us, not vice versa. Stay tuned and share your social media experiences and recommendations on LinkedIN or Facebook. What is your experience while you compare social media applications for you, your family and business?

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Social Media Ranking for business

Stay tuned! We are checking and testing business social media platforms at the moment. Different requirements are involved, like company interests, in-house processes, cloud security. One detail beforehand: The most noisy on the social connectivity market deliver very little evidence for being the best possible partner.

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Manufacturer information ⁝ Wikipedia articles ⁝ Articles of leading experts and bodies ⁝ Source references: Each review page shows the used references. ⁝ Await sporadic updates.