Become social, mobile and digital with your all-in-one mobile platform and apps to reach all mobile phones on all networks worldwide and to earn.

So far we thought “For being social, mobile and digital we need a bunch of third-party suppliers.” This is no longer true. Rent a Telecom enables you to run your very own social platform including the mobile connectivity, even beyond the internet.

Your business as communication platform

What if you could connect people, services and things all by yourself? What if you could offer your services, media and devices inclusive connectivity? Rent a Telecom makes connectivity, the networks part of your portfolio and gives you your mobile platform turnkey ready and comprehensive.

Real mobile hosting

The hosting comes inclusive networks! Now you can transport your content and your services directly to your users phones. All hosting packages include GSM, LTE and WiFi connectivity. The users will pay you directly. All this is 100% your brand and your brand alone.

Your social platform and mobile apps

The chat and the phone´s dial pad are yours. You alone own the user information. You alone control the transmitted content and files. The platform range is beyond the internet. That´s why you can reach up to 40% more people.

Win-win for everyone

Besides, all people involved benefit from your total mobile social platform:
USERS ⁝ Social media becomes available everywhere, even where there is no internet available ☆ on the countryside, on the highway going 110, inclusive ☆ Freezone° and low Wow-rates, ☆ all user can reach anyone anywhere, borderless and platform-neutral.
PROVIDERS (YOU) ⁝ ☆ 35% and more user reach – against external social media networks ☆ Multi channel income opportunities ☆ You deep control the entire value chain ☆ Enterprise Mobility: Your platform has everything included for being your and your customers comprehensive telecom service.

100% your brand

Although (customer-) communication is crucial, “social” is mainly left to third-party providers. Actually, your brand is the asset; actually, it is your user data base; actually, you should control the entire value chain. – With Rent a Telecom evertyhing comes under your roof.

100% your income

Up to now you had to pay several times to gain social reach, despite hard measurable impact and a weak performance. From now on you can earn directly, more and permantly, while you create financial values for your users.

New benefits for …

Sales and service organisations with intensive user communication, that want to reduce third-party dependencies. ◽ SMEs with advanced standards in security, privacy and international performance. ◽ Organisations, that want to run their robust International Enterprise Mobility infrastructure. ◽ Mobile phone manufacturer › that want to make the utmost of their devices. ◽ Telcos › that want to become a full-service provider in the digital communication industry. ◽ Communities and NPOs › that want to optimize their sourcing and their lean management along with smart funding. ◽ Consultants & system houses › that want to sell turn-key-ready communication platforms. And of course ◽ Social media providers › given they want to extend their user reach and increase organic income.

Social, mobile and digital packages

You have the customers, users, followers, fans, etc. Rent a Telecom gives you your total mobile social media platform almost “..from the kitchen table”. That simple and readily prepared are the SME business packages: Rent a Telecom Business Packages ›

Let´s start

You have two options: Finished packages as stand alone applications or customized packages for your existing system.
Stand alone: The SME business packages can be ordered online. Beginners and startups benefit from a 3x3x3xfree reduction. Start your new social, mobile and digital service in 5 | 15 | 30 days.
Integration into existing systems will be supported by the NWS sales team. API libraries and dedicated develoment are available.


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