The Telegram app is a digital social media service. Let´s check facts: Usable on a daily basis? Secure communication? Free calls? Ready for business?


  • Free Chat
  • Free Calls
  • Free Download
  • Call Any Number/Phone
  • Mobile Calls
  • International Roaming
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Sharing (Files, Media, etc.)
  • Groups
  • All-In-One
  • Support

Telegram App Evaluation

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No video calls | Audio calls require LTE/WiFi | No calls to users without Telegram


Desktop apps | End2end encryption | Multi device functionality | Windows phones app |


The Telegram app is one of it´s kind, a private non-profit project but rather limited in its reach and function. There is a respectable audience because of it´s ethics and openness.

Telegram app security

Telegram on privacyaa

How social is Telegram?

It´s a twister: On the one hand the Telegram team wants security but on the other hand it does not support todays ways of communication. We miss the video feature. In case you don´t need video calls you have a nice personal and smart service for family and friends.

What makes Telegram unique?

Dev-team is very agile giving us a very personal and feature rich communication tool. No sales, no affiliate marketing, less data from us as users on the servers and in the networks.

Telegram app for business

Maybe on a 1on1 basis but it´s obviously not a plan to involve businesses for making money or for reaching out to potential customers.

Telegram news

Becoming famous and getting many users brings opposition and noise in the media world. New features, some maybe too fancy features to stay ahead of the pack or at least unique is part of their strategy. Fact is, Telegram proofs that a crowd of people can achieve extraordinary results without running a business thing.

News & Blog@TwitterPCMAG – 2019-03 : New Telegram Features

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° Freezone ⁝ free ⁝ gratis ⁝ 0.- ⁝ all-inclusive
Users can communicate for free or without connection fees. ⁝ Either connections are inclusive your internet-data-tariff plan or you use the network access of someone else. ⁝ The download of a free app may cause costs for data usage. ⁝ Data charges may apply for chat, calls and sharing media via the mobile internet.