The Viber app is a digital social media service. Let´s check facts: Usable on a daily basis? Secure communication? Free calls? Ready for business?


  • Free Chat
  • Free Calls
  • Free Download
  • Call Any Number/Phone
  • Mobile Calls
  • International Roaming
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Sharing (Files, Media, etc.)
  • Groups
  • Support
  • All-In-One

Viber App Evaluation

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Has issues with privacy. | The Rakuten business model indicates the data usage for 3rd-party purposes.


Lets you call contacts outside the Viber community. | Full range: Video, audio, messaging, group calls, sharing “everything”. | Extended freezone°


The Viber app is part of Rakuten (Japan). | Businesses can use Viber to connect to their users. In this sense Viber is not only communication but also or even more a marketing platform.

Viber app security & privacy

Until 2016 the security ranking was quite low. In 2016 Viber announced using the same system like “Signal” but written from the scratch. Privacy is twisted because Viber´s mother is Rakuten, a data hungry e-commerce company.

Viber on SecurityGravitec – 1903 : Guide on Viber Safetya

How social is the Viber app?

International inter/cross-network calls allow to reach people outside the Viber community. Viber started a rental program for local numbers for a few countries.

Techcrunch – 2019-04 : Local numbers ..

What makes Viber unique?

It´s an e-commerce giant in terms of users. Businesses can utilise this platform in multiple ways: a. Interact with their customers directly and b. Influcence Viber users in general.

Viber for business

With 1B+ users worldwide you can engage via Viber down to 1on1 relationships. Viber is the market place and allows you to use it on a paid basis.

Viber Business Tools

Viber news

Has impressive numbers in doing business but has also a lot of reported issues from many individuals and professionals showing, complaining security and privacy problems. The picture is not that user friendly: Yes, you can communicate, but the entire picture, …

Viber FeaturesWiki on Viber99firms – 2019-05 : Viber Statistics

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