The WeChat app is a digital social media service. Let´s check facts: Usable on a daily basis? Secure communication? Free calls? Ready for business?


  • Free Chat
  • Free Calls
  • Free Download
  • Call Any Number/Phone
  • Mobile Calls
  • International Roaming
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Sharing (Files, Media, etc.)
  • Groups
  • Support
  • All-In-One

WeChat App Evaluation

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WeChat Out is limited to a few countries. | Your data and information is also in the contact list of WeChat / Tencent. | Privacy is limited as 3rd-party purposes are part of the entire business. |


WeChat Out for internet calls worldwide. | Extremely feature rich, so that you can build your life around this mobile app. |


The WeChat app is part of the Tencent Holding (China).

WeChat app security & privacy

Different world views become obvious: Westeners can not user their ideological glasses but making privat messaging and chatting available for other eyes and institutions is no privacy at all. It would be honest to say: We collect and monitor everything!

Wechat on PrivacyThe Verge – 2019-03 : WeChat messages in the openTechInAsia on WeChatThe Epoch Times – 2017-09 : WeChat shares private data ..

How social is WeChat?

Yes, it connects people from different places and it does more. The rating system, the way one has to be on WeChat in order to be in the midst of the society is socialising from outside. Not one expresses himself the way she/he likes it but the social guidance lines people up, lines 1.2 B citizens up.

What makes WeChat unique?

Tencent – the owner company – want to build a digital China. The company is practically state owned and sees the WeChat app and other applications as tool to guide, educate, govern it´s citizens.

WeChat for business

Yes you can. Follows soon ..

WeChat news

With western eyes we could read Crunchbase. The second largest market is the US. WeChat can reach more people than WhatsApp, because WeChat can be used world wide, but Whatsapp & Co. can´t in mainland China. With eastern eyes and mindset we see a super app, because of its functions and daily usability. Inside of China people are leaving WeChat but outside it is growing. As WeChat is practically state owned we see a new style of control, business and social education.

aChrunchbase on WeChat99firms on WeChat

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